Number 34 – Autumn 2016


Editorial – Tis the season to consult!

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Number 33 – Spring 2016


Editorial – The ministry of revolving doors

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Number 32 – Fall 2015 


Editorial – Committing to education

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Number 31 – Autumn 2014


Editorial – The attacks continue, but we’re organizing to fight back


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Number 30 – Winter 2014 Front

Editorial – En route to Estates General on Higher Education


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Number 29 – Autumn 2013 Page-couv-AN

Editorial – Imagine moving forward

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Number 28 – Winter 2013 Carnets-28-AN-72-2

  • A Federation in Motion
  • University Lecturers at the Summit: Recognition Once Again
  • The World Social Forum
  • Dossier – School and Aboriginals, A World of Learning
  • Aboriginal Education inQuebec
  • Testimony – It is Worth Dreaming
  • Education From the Aboriginal Perspective
  • Encounter–Signing of a Tripartite Agreement
  • Testimony – Cultural Respect
  • Encounter: The Nikanite Experience
  • Evaluation, a Necessary Evil?
  • Regroupement privé – An Openness to Dialogue With our Employers’ Associations
  • CEGEP – Getting Prepared for the Next Negotiations
  • The Social Fight for Higher Education
  • Israeli School Books – Ideology and Propaganda

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Number 27 – Spring 2012 Image-Carnets27-ANG

  • Trade Unionism, a Social Force
  • Québec 2012: Timidity and Omissions
  • The Conservative Revolution
  • A New Public Management Against Education
  • The Future of Education: What’s at Stake?
  • Three Years in the Life of the Regroupement Privé
  • CEGEPs Under Threat
  • The University of Tomorrow: Whiter the Role of the Lecturer

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Number 26 – February 2012Image-Carnets-special-26

  • A $1,625 increase: No way! – The CSN lends its support
  • IRIS takes a stand – Is an increase in tuition really necessary?
  • FECQ – It can make all the difference between continuing one’s education or not
  • CLASSE – The Governement must reverse course
  • FEUQ – Beyond the stakes in Québec
  • Towards the general strike

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Number 25 – Autumn 2011 Image-25-AN

  • What is Success?
  • Welcome to the Executive Committee
  • Education International Congress
  • Health, Security and Environment Lunch Meeting
  • Bad Funding in UniversitiesUnionizing Course Lecturers at McGill University:
  • Regroupement cégep: We Have Our Work Cut Out
  • Regroupement privé: A Busy Year-End
  • Education Beyond Borders

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Number 24 – Spring 2011 Page-presentation-carnet-24-AN

  • Regroupement privé: an Increasingly Dynamic Regroupement
  • Regroupement cégep: a Collective Agreement doesn’t Solve all the Problems
  • Health, Safety and Environnement: Progress Report and Outlook for the Future
  • The Struggle Against Homophobia, Alive and Well at FNEEQ
  • Coordinated Bargaining: a New Labour Contract in Rimouski!
  • I Teach at the University and… a Visibility Campaign for the 21st Century
  • Women’s Committee: on the Road to Meet Activists
  • Education International: First Women’s Conference
  • The 63RD Convention, Right Around the Corner!
  • Social Forums: Anti-Globalization Activists Rally Together
  • CSN Days of Reflection: Let’s Think Today About Education Tomorow!

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Number 23 – Autumn 2010 Carnet-23-AN

  • CEGEPs Teachers: A New Collective Agreement
  • Private Sector Regroupement: Common Bargaining Goals
  • Three New Unions Join the Private Sector Regroupement
  • University Regroupement: Accountability, You Say?
  • Strongly in Favour of a Charter of Secularism!
  • Haïti: A Relentless Mobilization
  • Agains a Never Ending Catastrophe
  • For More Social Justice
  • IX COCAL – Towards a Unified Strategy in North America!
  • Towards the Quebec People’s Summit Againts War and Militarism
  • Tri-National Conference in Defence of Public Education: Mission Accomplished!
  • A Global Tax to Finance Public Goods Around the World

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Number 22 – Spring 2010 Image-22

  • CEGEP Teaching, superior Teaching
  • Women’s Committee : In 2010, we’re on the March !
  • Israel-Palestine : Understand the History
  • Solidarity with Palestine
  • The BDS Campaign (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)
  • The World Education Forum in Palestine October 2010
  • A Union Visibility Campaign
  • Public Finances : It’s Urgent to Take Action
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses : Encouraging Carpooling ans Public Transit
  • Things are Moving with Sessional Lecturers !

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