July 19, 1884, continued

The people of this town are busy now attending to their haying, the road work

having been postponed until the busy season is over, after which work on the

roads will be resumed, it being the intention of our qood chairman to do a good

deal yet during the season.

The citizens of this township spent the 4th very pleasantly some at Maple

Valley and others at SIMON’S *Hall, at which there was a picnic and free dinner

to all.

We are very sorry to say that Miss Jennie GRADY’s school will soon be out as

also that of Miss Sadie LOAN. Both are exceedingly popular with their scholars

and with the patrons of their schools and also with the young men who we hope

will be more attentive to the Sunday schools hereafter.

We would like to see more harmony among the citizens of this town. It would

be much more pleasant and would be an incentive for people to settle with us.

There is plenty of good land here yet to open to settlement which can be bought

at reasonable figures.



September 27, 1884


Our usually quiet town was the scene of a mean and

brutal shooting scrape on the 15th instant. Two men, named respectively Jacob

LESHACK and MESSERSMITH had a dispute about some work, when MESSERSMITH ordered

LESHACK off his premises. He retired, but MESSERSMITH took his gun and followed

him, and overtaking him about a mile and a half distant, approached him

stealthily from behind, fired at LESHACK, twenty odd grains of shot taking

effect in his back, arm and hip. The wounded man will recover. Charles SCHIMMEL,

constable, was sent to arrest the culprit, who is a dangerous man. He called Wm.

WILTON to his assistance, and after both had armed themselves to the teeth, they

went in pursuit of MESSERSMITH and succeeded in capturing him. He was taken

before J.M. ARMSTRONG, justice of the peace, who, after hearing the evidence,

held the prisoner to bail to answer at the district court to the charge of

attempt to commit murder. Failing to secure bail, MESSERSMITH was committed to

the county jail whither he was taken by the constable.

James C. CAMERON intends to move to "Ballyhack" next week and make his home

there. We are sorry to lose him.

Robert CHAPMAN’s youngest son, Georgia, has had a very severe attack of

cholera infantum, but is quite out of danger now.

Mr. & Mrs. O.H. ARMSTRONG of Waukecheon, Shawano County, were here last

week visiting friends.

B.H. ARMSTRONG, Wm. WILTON ‘and John P. JOHNSON of this town are at Oconto

doing jury duty. They are good men and will make good jurors.

The town board has expended about $5,000.00 this season improving roads,

building bridges and making other needed improvements. Farmers complain that the

potato crop is going to be a failure owing to the rat caused by the wet weather.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed HOW of Shawano are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Peter JOHNSCI,N who

lives in North Branch. Jimuel BRIGGS, Caboconk College.

 *This probabaly should have read SIMMONS