June 21, 1884

A baseball club has been formed here, called the "How Wild Cats," with the

following officers: President – Amos WILTON; Vice-President- Robert CHAPMAN;

Secretary – R. THOMPSON; Treasurer, Ed. FINDLEY; committee: Geo. VERT, Gus.

OTTO, W. WILTON, Chas. SHIMMEL and John VERLO,-*referee, Chris WEINHOLDT. The

boys are ready to hear from outside clubs, and try conclusions with them. Chris

WEINHOLT has been appointed agent here for the popular Red Star Line of steamers

running between Antwerp and New York. No less than seventeen new settlers have

arrived here during the last few weeks. The town is bound to go ahead. Come on ,

we have room for more.
A Sunday school has been organized here in connection

with Rev. Mr. COUCH’S circuit, with the following officers:Superintendent, Mrs.

H. STARKEY, Asslt Supt, Mrs. 0. WILTON; secretary, Frank DOWEN; treasurer, B.H.

ARMSTRONG; librarian, Frank OOWEN. On the opening Sabbath there was a very large

attendance, and great interest manifested.

William WILTON has been visiting friends in Maple Valley lately.

T.G PRICKETT has opened up a fine assortment of goods at his store, such as

dry goods, groceries, etc., and has supplied a want long felt. May success

attend him.

Your correspondent and a large number of others would like to see our mail

arrive a little earlier than usual. We desire no change, only a little more


R. THOMPSON and Charles A. ALDRICH arrived here from Kent City, Michigan last

week and intend making their home here.

Henry JOHNSON has improved the appearance of and added utility to his farm by

a new board fence and handsome picket gate; he also has a croquet lawn. Henry is

going to have things nice.




Keshena University

July 19, 1884

One of the largest and most successful revival camp meetings ever held in

this town was brought to a close last Sabbath evening by the Rev. Messrs. COUCH

and YARWOOD. It was gotten up under the auspisces of the Methodist Church, and

has caused quite a commotion among our residents. The reverend gentlemen were

ably assisted in the good cuase by Mr. TEMPLE of Oconto Falls, Mr. John

TRECARTIN and others of Maple Valley and Messrs. A. WILTON, W. WILTON, F. DOWEN

and H. JOHNSON of How. There was a large attendance during the three days of the

meeting which was held for three days in Mr. Henry JOHNSON’s grove, who kindly

gave the committee the use of the grove for the occasion. It was a red letter

day here, and will be long remembered by those who took part in the proceedings,

Mr. COUCH being popular with the people here. May the good work soon bear fruit.

*This was also spelled OVERLOUGH