April 5, 1884 Henry JOHNSON and T.C. PRICKETT ran for the

treasuryship of the town of How, and each received an equal number of votes. In

order to settle the matter they drew lots and Mr. Johnson drew the lucky ballot.

We always knew that he was lucky.

JOSEPH SURING and J.M. ARMSTRONG ran for the chairmanship of the board of

supervisors for the town of How.
ARMSTRONG was elected by a majority of

three votes, but SURING has qualified and proposes to make a contest on the

grounds that several of the votes cast for ARMSTRONG were illegal, four being

cast by Indians and three by minors. There will be lots of fun when the matter

comes up in the county board.

April 12, 1884

Our election took place Tuesday of

last week as elsewhere, and resulted in the triumphant return of our reliable

veteran chairman, J.M. ARMSTRONG. Michael ELLINGER and Ed. SURING, both good and

able men were elected as supervisors. A good deal of excitement attended the

election add much speculation was indulged in as to the result, both sides being

saguine of success, the betting being two quarts of whisky to anything.

Robert GRIGNON was re-elected Clerk, the voters appreciating his past service

in that position which he has filled to the satisfaction of all. Henry JOHNSON

was elected for Treasurer and no better choice could have been made. For

Assessor, Herman YAKEL was elected after a sharp, close contest and will make a

first class officer. For Justice of the Peace, F.C. SCHEEVE and William

ARMSTRONG were elected by handsome majorities showing that they are deservedly

popular with the people of their town.

The town board have voted $1,000.00 for the purpose of assessing all the

lands in the town (including pine) by actual view and have secured two reliable

cruisers to accompany the assessor on his assessing expedition which will start

in two or three weeks. The party will be fully equipped having secured pack

mules, tenting accomodation, four months provisions and in fact everything

necessary for a prolonged campaign. We shall (ofcourse) expect some of our

Oconto friends to assist us in paying their taxes without enforcement. The

electors are becoming tired of injunctions and are going (if possible) to

collect all taxes due on lands in the town and hope to succeed.

The books of the town were examined and accounts audited last week and when

the balance was struck it was found that there was $1,800.00 dollars cash on

hand which is a splendid showing considering the amount expended on roads and

schools last year. Thanks to the board of supervisors, and especially to the

chairman. The river is full of logs, posts, ties, etc. bound for Oconto and the

merry voice of the driver is heard along the banks and elsewhere. George VERT is

back from Nebraska. He says "There is no place like How,Wis."