November 13, 1875

 NEW TOWNWe understand that the proposition to set off township 29 &

30, Range 17 into a new town, to be called HOW, will be brought before the Board

of Supervisors next week, and meet with success, as all of the inhabitants of

that part of the county and most of the members of the Board are in favor of it.

The new town is named after our enterprising young real estate agent, C.F. HOW,

Jr., and is a merited compliment to his liberal efforts to settle the northern

portion of our county.

January 1, 1876

There is yet considerable land subject to entry as homesteads, or at $1.25 an

acre. It can be contracted by actual settlers by paying a small percent down and

the balance in ten years, with annual interest.

April 8, 1876

Fred YAKEL was elected Supervisor of the town of How.

July 22, 1876

Otto SCHERCK of the town of Richmond brought a colony of 25 immigrants from

Oshkosh in to this city worth a capital of $10,000.00. Nearly all this party

located in the town of How.

March 31, 1877

C.F. HOW, with a party of Germans, left this week for the town of How where

the Germans intend to locate if they can make satisfactory bargains.

September 22, 1877

County Correspondence HOW As I have never seen anything published from our

part of the county I will jot down a few items. Our town was organized about a

year and a half ago and is composed of towns 29 & 30, north of range 17

east, but all of the settlers at present are in town 29. There are at present

about twenty-two families residing in the town and plenty of choice land to be

had cheap to accomodate all that wish to make homes with us. We are building a

school house and another one will commence soon. The soil is in great variety,

but is mostly a rich, sandy loam, underlaid with clay, and is very productive.

Almost all kinds of crops are good this season, for instance, corn with six ears

on one stalk, ten hills of potatoes make a bushel, cabbage, 41 inches in

circumference, sunflowers 11 feet high and 6/2 inches around the stalk, with 41

inch heads,16 inches across, and that not an our best land in the town.

Yours in haste,

January 5, 1578
Town of How
(written December 18, 1877)

News and sensationalism are as scarce as hen’s teeth in these diggings. There

have been two deaths in the town this fall–an infant son of John & Martha

KRUSE; and old Father SCHUETPELZ  * who came from Germany about a year and

a half ago and settled in this town upon land purchased of C.F. HOW, Jr. He

leaves four sons and a daughter to mourn his loss. His children were settled

around near him and all have nice, clearings started. "

*Frederich SCHUETTPELZ Oct. 157 1813-Nov. l8,1877