It is now official: the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), the Centrale des syndicats du Québec (CSQ), and the Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec (FTQ) will form a common front for the round of public-sector bargaining that has just begun. Working as one, in a coordinated manner, they will submit to the government demands related to wages, the pension plan, parental rights, regional disparities, the term of the collective agreement, and any other matters, as well as specific demands, all agreed upon by the common front.

Will of the members

This decision reflects the will of the members, which was clearly expressed during consultations held by the three central labour bodies in recent months. Due to the magnitude of the challenges being faced, members asked the organizations to join forces to work effectively and in solidarity.


Following member consultations to prepare for the round of bargaining, the three central labour bodies adopted, during meetings of their respective bodies, orientations embodied by the following key principles:

That, for the next round of bargaining, the focus will be placed equally on the improvement of working and practice conditions and on the improvement of wages.

That the principles underlying wage demands

  • Ensure a true increase for all employees that is higher than inflation and protects purchasing power;
  • Seek an overall wage catch-up for all employees as compared to other sectors of activity and markets to promote attraction and retention;
  • Have a particular focus on inequalities related to inflation and basic income for the low-income employees in the public sector; and
  • Have a particular focus on starting wages.

That retirement demands are developed with a view to improving quality of life in retirement and maintaining gains from current plans, while focusing on the sustainability of the pension plan and the contribution rate. In addition, that they take into account various aspects, including retention of experienced employees on a voluntary basis.

Based on these principles, the CSN, the CSQ, and the FTQ will prepare their demands as a common front. There will be extensive consultations about these demands with all members before the list of demands is submitted (planned for October).

Note that collective agreements will expire on March 31, 2023

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Standing together in solidarity!