Invited to vote on the question of their union affiliation, a majority of membres of the Heritage Faculty Association chose to become affiliated with the Fédération nationale des enseignantes et des enseignants du Québec (FNEEQ-CSN). This adds to an already important increase in membership that the FNEEQ-CSN has enjoyed since the start of the current academic year through the ongoing affiliation campaign in unions that were members of the Fédération autonome du collegial (FAC).

Teaching in a Quebec English-speaking public college, professors from Heritage College thus join their colleagues for the next round of negotiations, becoming part of a strong network that includes the vast majority of cegep teachers’ unions from all across the province.

Otto Hasibeder, president of the union, stated: “This was a long period of reflection for our members beginning last spring. We had higher than usual attendance at five consecutive weekly general assemblies and heard from representatives of FEC-CSQ and FNEEQ-CSN (separately) at two of those meetings. The other assemblies were dedicated to discussion. There were also visits from delegates of other colleges representing both federations. The HFA Executive remained neutral throughout the process and worked diligently to provide members with as much information as possible to make an informed choice. In the end, members chose the FNEEQ-CSN and the HFA Executive looks forward to working with our new federation.”

Jean Trudelle, president of the FNEEQ, was obviously pleased by the addition of a 45th union of cegep teachers. “Already a major player, the FNEEQ reinforces its representativity and cohesion, since it includes unions from cities and regions that, together, during the next round of negotiations, will demand a necessary valorization of the cegep teaching profession.”

The FNEEQ now comprises 45 of the 59 cegep teacher unions which make up the provincial college network and represents 80% of the teaching staff in the cegeps. It is the most important union representing higher education Quebec.

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