The ongoing course lecturers’ union drive at McGill University has come to an end as an official request has been made yesterday to recognize the course lecturers as part of the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill (AGSEM).

Course lecturers at McGill were the only ones in Quebec who were not unionized until now. They earn about 25 % less than their unionized counterparts at other Quebec universities. «AGSEM has made the choice to work together with the Fédération nationale des enseignants et enseignantes du Québec (FNEEQ-CSN) which represents the bulk of teaching staff in the province, says Michal Rozworski , external vice-president of AGSEM. We are confident that it is the only way to get the work of course lecturers recognized and finally get wages and other conditions in line with other Quebec universities », he adds.

The recent union drive, which received the support of 26 McGill professors in an open letter will allow the course lecturers to obtain a voice in determining their working conditions, believes Marie Blais, vice-president of the FNEEQ-CSN. « McGill University prides itself in being a leader in education in Canada, we think this should be reflected in the way it treats its course lecturers», she adds.

AGSEM already represents teaching assistants and invigilators employed at McGill and has been an important actor on campus since January 1993.

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