On November 9, 2010 at our last General Meeting, the negotiating committee presented an agreement in principle that was subsequently adopted at 100% by the members at the meeting.

The bargaining process that began in 2007 was never easy. After many years of discussions with the employer, the presence of a conciliator from the ministère du Travail (Ministry of Labour) and the exemplary mobilization and solidarity of the members, the union was proud to conclude bargaining. The agreement in principle that was presented to the General Meeting was deemed satisfactory for the union and its contents were exactly the same as the agreement reached with the employer at the end of October 2010.

Where are we today?
After exchanging text and a couple of meetings to finalize the texts, the union learned that the employer was maintaining his position of excluding certain negotiated elements and including other ones that were not negotiated; in other words, start bargaining again. Since 2007 the negotiating committee was confronted with situations where the employer’s bad faith was obvious. Nevertheless the union persevered with the goal being a satisfactory collective agreement.

The negotiating committee and the executive committee took the time necessary to analyze the situation carefully. After considerable discussion, reflection, and consultations with advisors from the FNEEQ and the CSN, the executive committee decided to file a petition in accordance with article 53 of the Code du travail (Quebec Labour Code). The petition is to ask the Commission des relations du travail (Quebec Labour Commissioner) to declare that the employer has proved that he is acting in bad faith by refusing to sign the collective agreement and order the employer to sign the agreement.

The teachers and the professionals non-teaching staff of the Vanguard school deserve to be respected by the employer. Enough is enough! Their work is to offer quality services to their students in a devoted manner.

The union has always negotiated in good faith and has respected the rules of bargaining. They are ready to sign the agreement!

The members are presently waiting for a hearing date before the Commission des relations du travail.