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Work experience Calculation Guide


This guide is designed to facilitate understanding of Article 6-2.00 of the 2010-2015 Collective Agreement (in french) for FNEEQ (CSN) teaching personnel (In French; the English version, which is prepared by the CPNC, is not yet available) pertaining to the calculation of work experience. However, under no circumstances shall it take precedence over the collective agreement.

The guide is divided into four sections: general information, terms for the evaluation of teaching experience, terms for the evaluation of professional or industrial experience, and calculation of number of years of experience. It also includes an appendix dealing specifically with the calculation of non full-time work experience along with a model letter for the submission of documents for the updating of experience records, as provided for in Appendix VI-4. To learn more, refer directly to the collective agreement, the official text enshrining your rights.

For further information and to ensure that your rights are being respected, notably with regard to the calculation of experience as it applies to you, it is always recommended to contact a member of your local union’s executive committee, whenever needed.

This document is posted on the FNEEQ Website: www.fneeq.qc.ca

ISBN 978-2-923606-33-0

Legal deposit: 2011


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